About me

Hi, my name is Kaupo and my biggest passion is photography, be it portraits, act, nature or some event

AS a person I'm determined and hardworking. I am not afraid of challenges, every idea is achievable and every new experience is enriching. One of my motos is that there aren't unachievable goals, there are just lazy people. I take joy in sharing my experiences and constructive criticism is always welcome, this way I can learn and evolve and create more and more magnificent work

In photos I like to use natural light as well as light shows created with flash. I especially like to combine the two with many colours and contrasts. Any environment can be used to create an awesome background, be it your home, your garden or some abandoned building, ruins or naturally beautiful scenery. I try to catch naturalness and true emotions but posed photos are also cool. The more ideas, wishes and fantasies you have, the easier it is to take awesome photos and the end result is very good.

How did I find my way to photography? I've been taking photos for a very long time, since I was a child actually. I wanted to preserve memorable and otherwise cool moment, so I could look at the photos at an older age and see what kind of stuff we did back then. I also photographed places I would later want to return to or places that were just beautiful. Ofcourse back then I didn't know anything about photography and I used those old digital cameras. With time my interest grew and I got myself a compact camera. With that, I could start catching nature and other things more seriously. Next I bought a bigger and more interesting machine and started taking photos of people as well. It was then that my brother-in-law told me an interesting and true thing: "A hobby can always become a very good job." So here I am, doing what I love, my hobby, my work, my passion. The thing I like most of all is that the challenges are always different as there are a lot of different people with different requests. Also, I will never get into a routine with this job, I can see so many different places and many new and exciting people.

LÕPUSÕNA: Kui sulle meeldib , mida lugesid ning meeldivad minu pildid ning nende stiil ja sooviksid mind jäädvustama oma erilist sündmust, Teid või hoopiski Teie lähedasi või lemmikloomi, võta julgelt minuga ühendust ja leiame sinu ideedele teostuse.

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